Monday, November 10, 2008

Reading Alert!

No. Not me. Though that's coming soon.

Tonight, Jon Fasman, a contributor to Operation Warrior Library will be reading from his new book, THE UNPOSSESSED CITY, at the Tribeca Barnes & Noble in New York at 7PM.

Here's how Jon describes his book:

This book tells the story of Jim Vilatzer, a young Russian-American
who takes a job in Moscow to escape gambling debts
stateside. He expected simple, routine work; he found something else
entirely: Central Asian gangsters, Russian weapons scientists and the
ghosts of both Russia's bloody 20th century and his own family. The
novel is a mystery, an immigrant's tale in reverse, and a deeply
personal love letter to Moscow.

His first novel, THE GEOGRAPHER'S LIBRARY, was a terrific read and thanks to Jon's generosity is hopefully being read at this very moment by our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

So, if you're in New York and have the time tonight, drop in and meet Jon. If you're not in New York but still want to meet Jon, here are some more places you might be able to stalk him at:

Nov 12th: Trover Bookshop; 201 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington, DC; 5.30pm

Nov 14th: B&N Bethesda; 4801 Bethesda Ave, Bethesda, MD; 7.30 pm

Nov 17th: The Bookstall, 811 Elm St, Winnetka, IL; 7pm

Nov 18th: The Stop Smiling Storefront, 1371 N. Milwaukee, Chicago IL, 7pm

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