Wednesday, November 19, 2008

DISPATCH: Operation Warrior Library thanks Ellen Shanman

Ellen is on a roll. Her last book, Right Before Your Eyes (a box of which Ellen kindly donated to Operation Warrior Library), garnered terrific reviews. Her new book is getting even better reviews, and seems poised for great success. I think the reason is that Ellen transcends the conventions of the genre she's working in by focusing on story first. That's kind of rare in a field where writers usually start by wrapping some personality quirks and aspiration desires in some fashion labels and call it a character that they then invent some situations for. In a lot of ways chick-lit and pulps have a lot in common - they both rely on the short-hand of conventions to carry a lot of the heavy weight. But Everything Nice is just a great story featuring a great character.

And, as an advertising copywriter myself, I enjoy seeing my profession depicted.

I hope you'll support Ellen, and Operation Warrior Library, by picking up a copy of this book. Thanks to Ellen's generosity I've been able to deliver a box to our troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Thanks, Ellen.

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