Friday, October 30, 2009

Introducing Operation Warrior Library author, Jon Guenther's new novel

Jon Guenther's been a supporter of OWL almost since it began. As a veteran himself, he knows how far a good book can go in helping a soldier pass some time. Now, as we're trying to come up with audiobooks for wounded soldiers in Germany, Jon has stepped up again to offer us some audio productions of his Mack Bolan and Stony Man series. These pulp adventures are going to be just what the doctor ordered and we can't wait to deliver them.

Jon has a new novel out, SOUL RUNNER, and it sounds like a great thriller:

The year is 1988. As a former Hasidic Jew raised in the Bronx, Dr. Bram Aronsfeld is no stranger to trouble.

Now the secret organization known as ARK is sending him into Communist-controlled Romania to rescue the beautiful Ileana Tarus, a Christian Gypsy woman who possesses information vital to ARK's intelligence operations. Spearheading the subjugation of her people is the evil Drago Profis, a despot backed by the current regime.

When Bram realizes it's not just Ileana but her whole village that need rescuing, the two will embark on a perilous adventure from which only their foolhardy courage and Almighty God can save them all!

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