Thursday, August 13, 2009

DISPATCH :: Operation Warrior Library thanks Lily Burana

Lily Burana attracted a lot of attention earlier this year with the release of her memoir, I LOVE A MAN IN UNIFORM. Which is cool because she's cool. And it's not just because she's a (not a spoiler alert) former stripper-turned-writer.

It's because she's a good writer. Her new memoir is a funny and honest look at marriage.

She's also cool because she donated four boxes of her book to Operation Warrior Library. Because of the nature of her subject matter, we decided to disperse these a little differently this time. Half of the books went to Afghanistan. The other half has been turned over to the Family Readiness Groups (really the wives groups) to distribute to their members.

You can support Lily by purchasing her book. Remember, any purchase you make in the Operation Warrior Library store goes to helping us continue to deliver great books to our troops.

Thanks, Lily!

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