Friday, February 20, 2009

DISPATCH :: Operation Warrior Library author Jon Fasman

THE UNPOSSESSED CITY is Jon Fasman's second book and his second contribution to OWL. His first book was the remarkably entertaining and intelligent THE GEOGRAPHER'S LIBRARY which I hope by now you've read since I told you about it awhile ago.

His new book is no less smart and fun and it takes place in a fairly unique world, the demimonde of post-Soviet post-boom Russia. Jon knows the culture of Moscow inside and out and the book is nearly physically cold with Russian verisimilitude. Our ex-pat hero has run-ins with spies and terrorists and criminals which contribute as much to spot-on local color as they do to a great story.

Do yourself a favor and pick up Jon's books and support him for supporting OWL. Remember, proceeds from any book purchased in the OWL Shop go to furthering our mission of delivering great books to our troops.

Thanks Jon!

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