Thursday, August 28, 2008

Moving day and a sneak peek!

I'm moving this blog to Blogger today. I'm setting things up so each post will continue to feed here to Amazon automatically.

Moving to Blogger will give me more flexibility in my posts and make it easier for others to find, subscribe, and read them - for what that's worth. It'll also make it easier for you to leave comments on those posts.

This is all part of the upcoming re-launch of my site, wait for it, It's going to be very 2.0 Or at least 1.5. Won't be ready for a few weeks yet but if you want a sneak peek at what my the cover of JACK LONDON IN PARADISE is - here you go.

It's because that was so easy to do that I'm moving. So subscribe and I'll talk to you soon.



Paul, just finished Death Cloud and thought it was amazing! I too just started a blog for my book ("RuneWarriors", comes out next month, plug, plug) and was wondering how you linked your blog to Amazon. If you have a minute post an answer here or email me at

Can't wait to read your London book.

Paul Malmont said...

There's a link on your Amazon Connect blog that lets you "Add RSS feed to your blog". It's in the right-hand upper corner of your blog home page.

Good luck with your book. Send me a link when it's out.